Saturday, April 28, 2012

Home audio system

I've been using and upgrading a component system since the early 1970s.

The current combination is:

Cambridge Audio Azur 840A, Cambridge Audio Azur 540D, Cambridge Audio DacMagic, Rega Ear, Pioneer SACD D6, Clear Audio Emotion, Clear Audio Aurum Classics Wood, DAC-Lite AH Modified, SoTM dx-USB, Pure AV mains filter, Toshiba ADRES, SONY VIAO running j-River 16, home built TL with recycled full-range drivers, REL Quake, KEF iQ7, handmade speaker cables (Cat 5), Sennheiser HD555, LP Doctor (occasionally used).

Over the years, I've tried all new technologies, including cassette tape, minidisc, CD recorder, reel-to-reel tape - I've always gone back to vinyl disc, CD, and now FLAC digital.



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