Saturday, April 28, 2012

Vinyl records still alive and well

I've been collecting vinyl albums since about 1972

There are many in my collection now, but I still look regularly for those yet to join the collection

I keep them carefully stored and most are in brilliant conditions, even those 40 years old now

My secret is to keep them really clean - I wash all new acquisitions in a distilled water and isopropyl alcohol mix and vacuum them dry then buff them with a microfiber cloth

All are stored in clean inner sleeves and I always use an antistatic brush to remove any dust before playing

The dust cover keeps the record player (Clear Audio) platter clean

I clean my stylus often and have a 60x magnifier to check stylus tip condition

Some of my 1970s albums sound like new!

If you are willing to hunt them out, there are lots of albums in op shops and charity book fairs - many people have made the technology jump to digital and are discarding their records - I can't see myself ever doing that.

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