Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Vinyl heaven

I always enjoy my visit to Real Groovy in Queen Street, Auckland.

At the moment they have a sale on a massive selection of new and used vinyl at just $20 for 10 albums. Not all in pristine condition, but well worth the time to hunt through the racks for gems and bargains. I found 10 in pretty much mint condition - Joan Armatrading, Kiki Dee, Michael Lee Firkins, Barclay James Harvest, etc. The MLF is a special high definition pressing from South Korea complete with anti static inner sleeve and high quality outer clear vinyl sleeve. Worth much more than $2 for sure.

Also had a chance to see the basement where records are received and stored - they have many racks and cartons, so a real heavenly experience for the vinyl fan.

Was able to pick up a 'lucky dip' box of about 150 CDs for $50 - already looked through them and have found some really nice indie artist previously unknown to me. As I'm a mostly open minded muso, this is real fun, and certain to add many albums to my collection. The others will go to the Habitat for Humanity op shop to raise funds.

Are you a real Real Groovy groover?

Shame the store is 120 km from home!!

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