Saturday, June 7, 2014

Music, what's it for?

Does music induce emotions in us?
Does music present us with emotional experience so that we can escape danger, disappointments, failed relationships, death, and other realities of life?
Is it nothing more than excessive and inessential use of voice and motor control, as per Steven Pinker? Music is just "auditory cheesecake" !!!!
Yet music has played an essential part in our history - in hunting, learning, storytelling, bonding, loving, ritual .... Only very recently has it become 'entertainment' and 'product'.
"music is a tonal analogue to life" (Susanne Langer)
[as I write this, having read a recent article on this by Joe Nunweek, I am listening to a stunning live rendition of Love Don't Live Here Anymore by Renee Geyer - Live at The Athenaeum]

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