Sunday, July 20, 2014

New open baffle project completed

At the weekend I built my open baffles using the 12" Rola full-range drivers.

I used 30mm Pine (bizarrely for a country that grows so much wood, the Pine is imported from Chile) with a Briwax rustic pine stain and wax finish. Baffles measure 900 x 800.

The sound is much bigger than I achieved with the 8" Plesseys. No surprise - the cone surface is more than twice that of the smaller driver.

The footprint is much larger than the other baffle - my partner is not yet convinced that this is a step forward or that it is necessary!


  1. So, it turns out that the Rolas don't have the clarity of the Plesseys, and the units have been rejected as unsuitable for the room. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

    1. Try mounting the drivers in front of the baffle. The thick board the way the drivers are mounted will cause lots of directivity, diffraction, very early reflections and a slurred sound. We had a similar design with the drivers mounted behind and sound was terrible. Arved (

  2. Hi Arved. You are right. I did that and the result is magnificent. You can see the project completed at