Tuesday, August 12, 2014

How come there is so much music being listed on blogs?

Obtaining music freely so that musicians don't make a living is counterproductive for performers and listeners.

So how come there are so many albums being posted to so many blogs and download sites every day? Complete with artist information, songs lists, artwork, and even reviews, there must be complicity from the artists and publishers, surely. So let's stop labelling the inquisitive as pirates and thieves.

I agree with try-before-you-buy, but I also believe that sellers need to give buyers very good reason to  purchase.

In so many situations, products don't live up to the promises and hype, then sellers become clear adversaries when remedy is sought. So often, I feel like the "lawful prey" of peddlers. Then tastes are so subjective that a reviewer's fave rave can be a real disaapointment when the disc is spun on the hi-fi.

Give us great music and an authentic connection to the artist - then make rewarding great work easy. If the music engages and excites, I'll pay fair and square.

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